Whether you need a wagon to haul hay and livestock, or to haul your family to wherever they need to go, you can trust Pioneer wagons to get the job done.


As a horseman and farmer, company founder Ivan Lapp has done extensive product testing in everyday living. When it comes to wagons, we won't steer you wrong!


We welcome the opportunity to introduce beginners to the pleasure and versatility that Pioneer Wagons have to offer. Call or visit us for a free consultation.


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Pioneer BuckBoard


Perfect for family picnics, hauling hay or sawdust or taking the sheep to market, the Pioneer Buckboard is a versatile wagon that can easily be Pioneer Buckboard Wagon Lancaster PAcustomized for a variety of uses.



• Padded armrests

• Quick-latch rail system to convert your wagon without tools

• Versatile and convenient safety features

• Rubber block brakes with lever

• Black or Wood Stain Finish


Pioneer Horse Drawn Wagon


Whether you're a farmer or hobbyist or offer commercial wagon rides, the Pioneer Horse Drawn Wagon offers an endless array of features and customizations for just about any need.


Choose from 4 sizes ranging from 1/2-ton to 6-ton capacity



Pioneer 1 Ton Wagon Gear


This easy to manage size can be pulled with a single horse, team of ponies or a small tractor. Perfect for hobby farmers and 1-Ton Wagon Gear in Lancaster PAsmall land owners.


Great for hauling wood, hay, grain and produce. Or take a comfortable trail ride or pleasure drive.

Pioneer 3 Ton Wagon Gear


Ideal for utility work, pleasure driving or trail rides. Designed for light to medium-sized horses or mules. Can be pulled with a single horse, team or tractor. Customize your wagon with a wide variety of options.

Pioneer 3 Ton Wagon Gear


Built for farmers, this heavy duty farm gear is designed for years of hard use and extra heavy loads. Add wagon seating for3-Ton Wagon for hay, wood, and other projects in Lancaster PA passenger transport.

Wagon Features


Wagon Beds


Choose from our many bed styles, create your own or ask about custom options!


• Flatbed

• Utility

• Trailway

• Classic




Select the right wheels for your terrain including:


• Air Tires

• Steel Wheels

• Wood Wheels

Sled Options


Convert your wagon to a sled using our bold on sled runners!


• Canvas Cover

• Cushion Seats

• LED lights

• Whip Socket


Pioneer Work Sled


Perfect for hauling firewood, hay or farm supplies, the Pioneer Work Sled performs well on snow or bare ground and Pioneer Work Sled in Lancaster PAprovides better floatation over ruts and rough terrain. Add one or two seats for passengers, comfort and safety.



• Raised tongue with built in swivel

• Weatherproof poly dash & sideboards

• Expanded metal floor allows outdoor storage

• 12" removable sideboards.


Pioneer Dump Trailer


Dependable and easy to unload, the Pioneer Dump Trailer makes hauling gravel, dirt, manure or firewood a breeze.Dump Trailers in Lancaster PA



• Choose wood or aluminum sides

• 3500 lb. load capacity

• 3/4" x 13" exterior plywood sides

• Treated tongue and groove floor

• Wood models available in red or green paint

• Removable tailgate

• Aluminum beds offer lightweight with no rust




Pioneer Draft Forecart


Offering dependable service on the road or in the field, the Pioneer Draft Forecart is a simple, well-balanced design for trueDraft Forecart for many farm task in Lancaster PA value and economy. Designed to work well with Draft or larger horses the Forecart is perfect for Sunday drives on the trail or across the prairie.



• Standard cart has 4-bolt wheel hubs for general farm work

• Overall width of 64"

• Newly redesigned heavy-duty cart available


Pioneer Tractor Wagon Gears


Designed to be pulled by tractors, our heavy duty wagon gears can take the punishment of a variety of field conditions.Wagon Gears in Lancaster PA


Choose from 4 sizes from 6 to 15-ton capacity



• Behind the axle automotive type steering eliminates road whip and

 provides smooth, straight towing

• Replaceable bushings and thrust bearings on front spindles means less maintenance

• Grease fittings on wheel hubs and all pivot points

• 38" or 42" beam spacing

• Choose from 7', 9' or 11' coupling pole